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Al Etihad Gasket Factory has been in active operation since 2011, and have established a renowned name delivering only top-notch gasket products that are proven by international standards and witnessed by satisfied customers.



  • In December 2022, Saudi Aramco awarded a two year contract to AL ETIHAD GASKET FACTORY to supply Spiral Wound Gaskets, Packings, Non-Asbestos Sheets, and PTFE until year 2024. 
  • In November 21, 2022, Maaden Aluminum Company, Maaden Phosphate Company, Maaden Waad Phospate Company and Affiliates awarded a contract to AL ETIHAD GASKET FACTORY to supply Spiral Wound Gaskets, Ring Joint Gaskets, Non-Asbestos Sheets valid until 2024.
  • In July 27, 2022, The Sahara International Petrochemical Company (SIPCHEM)  has been renewed our existing contract for One (1) year, starting O1.1O.2O22 'till 3O.O9.2O23 under the same rates, terms, and conditions as in the original contract.





KLINGER TopChem is a range of modified PTFE Based materials which offer the chemical resistance of PTFE with increased mechanical strength and resistance to cold and hot flow under compressive loading. Additional compounds such as silica, barioun sulphate or silicon carbide, allow the materials to be used at higher temperatures and compressive loads than would typically be expected for standard PTFE products.

1. KLINGER TopChem-2000

KLINGER Topchem 2000 is a heavy duty modified PTFE material, which has been engineered to cater for a wide range of applications. The exceptional mechanical strength of the material enables it to withstand high temperatures and pressures, whilst providing unparalled creep-resistance. This material has excellent chemical resistance and can be used in strongly acidic and alkaline applications. It is only PTFE based material with fire-free certification (API 6FA).

2. KLINGER Topchem-2003

KLINGER topChem 2003 has been designed to offer high compressibility combined with outstanding chemical resistance. The result is a material which is suitable for practically all media including both strongly acidic and strongly alkaline environments and which is able to maintain a tight seal even at low bolt loads .  The Highly compressible nature of KLINGER TopChem 2003 allows the material to be used on glass and rubber lined flanges . The material has excellent mechanical properties at low and medium temperatures and loads.

3. KLINGER TopChem-2005 and 2006

KLINGER TopChem 2005 and 2006 have been developed to offer an economical alternative to KLINGER Topchem 2000 and KLINGER TopChem 2003 for less demanding applications.  




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