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Al Etihad Gasket Factory has been in active operation since 2011, and have established a renowned name delivering only top-notch gasket products that are proven by international standards and witnessed by satisfied customers.



  • In December 2022, Saudi Aramco awarded a two year contract to AL ETIHAD GASKET FACTORY to supply Spiral Wound Gaskets, Packings, Non-Asbestos Sheets, and PTFE until year 2024. 
  • In November 21, 2022, Maaden Aluminum Company, Maaden Phosphate Company, Maaden Waad Phospate Company and Affiliates awarded a contract to AL ETIHAD GASKET FACTORY to supply Spiral Wound Gaskets, Ring Joint Gaskets, Non-Asbestos Sheets valid until 2024.
  • In July 27, 2022, The Sahara International Petrochemical Company (SIPCHEM)  has been renewed our existing contract for One (1) year, starting O1.1O.2O22 'till 3O.O9.2O23 under the same rates, terms, and conditions as in the original contract.



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The Projects and International Division at Al-Etihad is a specialist team dedicated to providing the best service possible to the worldwide engineering and construction industry. Manufacturing and supplying quality sealing products for the domestic and international oil and gas, and petrochemical industries, we have built up a strong global reputation.

Through substantial investment in plant infrastructure we produce top quality components whilst maintaining high manufacturing capacity; a key requirement when meeting the demands of large scale EPC business.

Key factors contributing to Al-Etihad success in the Projects and International markets :

  • Highly experienced engineers and operators.
  • Advanced high-capacity robotic manufacturing processes.
  • Superior and unrivalled gasket technology, i.e. KLINGER SIL®, Al-Etihad®topchem, Maxiflex, Maxiprofile etc.
  • Highly trained Quality Personnel, including XRF PMI testing.
  • Professional after-sales service.

The Projects and International Division handles all aspects of international inquiries, from initial bidding through to final delivery including; technical review, order acceptance and processing, production scheduling and control, documentation, certification, after sales and set up of local manufacturer or agent services for future supply.

We have world-wide jurisdiction for the supply of equipment to new and expanding projects, which enables our equipment to be utilised globally. Al-Etihad sealing technology is currently in operation in Algeria, Angola, Australia, Belgium, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Libya, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.



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Al-Etihad offers a complete range of sealing products for all applications.


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Al-Etihad is committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations.


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